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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t doubt to contact us to answer your questions about the classics vehicles world.

How can I get my to dream car / bike?

We are specialised in scouting in Europe and North America classic cars and motorbikes trough our network of collectors at lower prices than the ones in the online portals and focus on creating a relationship between old and new owner.

Can you take care of all the bureaucracy needed by my vehicle?

We got experience dealing with International transport, customs and registration as historic vehicle. So if you need a hand just let us know

Who takes care of the mechanical and security side?

The “CityWerkstatt” is a mechanic garage based in Vienna since 1984 and specialised in classic vehicles, the people working on it are not just professionals but as well classic lovers themselve 

Here you can be sure that any restoration project or service will be done following the standards of the original era taking care of research any detail that make your vehicle unique.

What makes you different from a car dealer?

We see old timers not as vehicles, but as life experiences, and a different way of leaving an emotional relationship between you and your child dream

We focus on creating contact between old and new owners taking in consideration the reasons why each drive could put a smile on your face.

Are classics giving always problems?

Living with a classic vehicle is not about having an object that brings you from A to B.

That’s why we offer mechanical assistence and garage opportunities at an affordable price.

Do you like cake?

Claus does, Paulo doesn’t.


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