BMW 3.0 C.S. – the U.F.O.

Imagine yourself in the 70’s driving back home, suddenly driving towards you a 3.0 CS, you might feel like you were in „Close Encounters of the Third Kind“ movie.

Its shark nose, chrome fenders following the lines of its lights, metal blue colour and it’s geometry lines, all signs of a flying saucer on wheels.

The BMW 3.0 CS was produced from 1971 till 1975 by Karmann in a total of around 12.000 units.

Available with fuel injectors or carburettors with automatic or 4 gears manual transmission, generating from 180 to 200 hp.

The CS is a slap in the face to sports cars of that era, able to deliver great performance combined with gorgeous interiors decorated with round gauges, wood details, leather seats that make you feel you were being hugged by teddy bears and it’s original Blaupunkt Bavaria S radio able to rock all your 70s disco tunes if you are so crazy to don’t want to enjoy the gorgeous sound of its 3 liters  6 cylinders engine.

Switching through gears make you think that you are driving a motorbike, always ready to deliver power, you only need to press the gas pedal and the engine will be ready for more.

A real classic that will make a great presence in any collection, if you wish to get one do it now cause they are still affordable and the prices are starting to rise and whatever you do please get the manual one, you won’t regret it.

As an Italian, I’m always really proud of the design of our sports cars, but the BMW 3.0 CS will always have a special place in my heart.

I want one

Video courtesy of BMW archives.
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